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Canva Basic to Advance Training Mastery



Graphic Design in Canva Basic to Advance – Learn how to create amazing designs with Canva

What you’ll learn

Canva Basic to Advance Training Mastery Course

Master all the elements in Canva for stunning results every time
Discover the latest features now available on Canva
Learn Canva basics and graphic design while having fun
Get to know Canva and its smart workflow approach that continues to save you time
Build a strong brand identity and brand style guide for your business
Create stunning, professional graphic designs – all for free on Canva
Learn essential design skills that can be transferred to all your design projects
Design different fun and interesting projects, each in a very practical and practical way
Learn the difference between free and paid Canva and which one is right for you
Master Canva grids and how to use them to create advanced design layouts
Learn how to download your final assets and share your design templates with others

A computer with an internet connection

Ready to learn Canva from Basic to Advance

Learn smart workflow tricks that will save you time

Create better designs in less time and hassle-free

Participants in this course will not only learn how to create great designs with Canva, but they will also learn smart workflows and approaches to templates that will continue to save them time and help them streamline their content marketing.

You will learn:

all the basics and how to get started quickly and efficiently while learning important tips to help you avoid common time traps
graphic design basics and how to easily implement them in Canva
the difference between free and paid Canva and which one is right for you
how to use and take advantage of Canva’s newest and most useful features
how to organize and store all your brand assets for quick and easy use
everything you need to know about the project interface and all the elements in it
how to save time with templates and collections
how to create all kinds of dynamic social media marketing assets, including things like Instagram Stories that leverage Canva’s latest video capabilities
how to approach any design project with confidence, from simple social media graphics to rich content like e-books
how to master canvas grid to support advanced layout
how to create special effects like realistic falling shadows and popup photo frame effects
how to create and deliver a presentation with Canva
how to integrate Canva with other platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, and more.
how to download your final assets in the required format
how to share projects and templates with others
The smart way to create templates so you create end-to-end assets that can be reused and save your time over and over again!
how to use the new content planner to plan your social media marketing right from Canva
how to expand the power of Canva by pairing it with Photopea for advanced photo editing options
Bottom line: If you can do it with Canva, we’ll probably cover that in this course.

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